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At the Fair


Spaces: For vendors selling one or more products, a 12 foot by 12 foot space  is available for a $15.00 fee plus 10% of the total sales for the day. For vendors selling no products, a 12 foot by 12 foot space is available for a flat fee of $20.00.  Whether selling a product or not, if a larger space is needed, additional 12 foot by 12 foot spaces may be added for a flat fee of $15.00 each.  Space fees will be collected the morning of the fair.  Fees based on proceeds will be collected near the 5 PM close of the fair.

Setup/Teardown: Please use the main entrance which will be marked for Vendor/Public/Livestock Entrance.  Vendor focals will be onsite by the day before the fair and by 7 AM the morning of the fair. Vendors are welcome to setup the day prior to the fair. Vendors must be set up prior to the 9 AM opening of the fair.  Vehicles are allowed in the vendor area for load and unload only prior to the start of the fair and after the fair as long as they do not block the vendor area.  Vendor parking will be available a short distance from the vendor area.  Once the fair begins at 9 AM, no vehicles will be allowed in the vendor area until the fair has closed at approximately 5 PM.  Vendors must stay the entire day and teardown may not begin until the fair has closed (5 PM).

Help Keep the Fair Clean: If you will be providing guests with any type of handout, trinket, food or drink, please encourage proper handling to prevent littering.  Vendors are responsible for cleanup of any items distributed from their booths.

Competing Products:  We work hard to create an atmosphere in which vendors can be successful.  As part of this effort, we will be asking vendors who provide products (e.g., food items, jewelry, clothing, etc) to help us understand their offerings.  We want vendors to offer the public a wide variety of items without worrying about direct competition on the same item.  For example, if a vendor is already booked to sell milk shakes, we will request other vendors sell something other than milk shakes.  NOTE:  Vendors are accepted on a first come - first served basis.

Silvana Community Fair Vendor Agreement:  The Silvana Community Fair Board requires each vendor to sign and comply with the Silvana Community Fair Vendor Agreement (Click here to download) which includes binding rules, the code of conduct and the hold harmless agreement.

Reservations/More Information:  For additional information or to reserve a spot, please contact Kathy Larson at (360) 652-0587.

Download the Vendor Agreement